Saturday, 19 September 2020
Jalal Shabahangi
Born 1940
Graduate of UCLA, San Jose, USA
- Lecturer of graphic art for over 30 years, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University
- Participation in numerous domestic and foreign group exhibitions, including Ghandriz Gallery (1972), Zarvan Gallery (1974),
  UCLA (1975), West Valley University Saratoga (1975), Triton Museum of Modern Arts, North California (1976),
  Litho Gallery (1977), Tehran University (1977), Bushehri Gallery, Kuwait (1984), Golestan Gallery (1989), etc
- Permanent Member of the Academy of Arts
- Member of the Educational Council of the Faculty of Fine Arts
- Member of the Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
- Publication of articles in specialized magazines
- Translation of the book on “creativity in three dimensional color and design”
- Compilation of the book on training the illustration techniques
- Publication of collection of works in a book titled “plains and deserts”
- Display of works at public and private collections