Saturday, 19 September 2020
Kazem Chalipa
Born 1957, Tehran
PhD Student, Art Studies, Faculty of Arts, Shahed University
MA, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University
BA, Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University
- Secretary, Painting Section of the 1st Fadjr International Festival of visual Arts
- Participation in over 100 solo and group exhibitions at domestic and international levels
- Lecturer and Member of Scientific Board at Faculty of Arts and Shahed University
- Member of the selection committees and the jury at a number of national and international exhibitions
- Member of the Selection Committee and the Jury of the 2nd and 3rd Festival of Young Art
- Member of the Visual Arts Center of the Department of Arts and Head of the Department’s Painting Group.
- Recipient of the “Art Epic” Commendation Letter, Sacred Defense Artists, Department of Arts
- Selected artist of the 2nd Islamic World Contemporary Painting Biennial