Thursday, 6 August 2020
General terms and conditions of the 3rd Fadjr International Festival of Visual A
  • Participation in the 3rd Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts is open to all.
  • The artists are free to choose any technique for their works.
  • The painting, ceramic, miniature and calligraphy selections will be in 2 stages (pre-selection on the basis of photos and the final selection on the basis of the actual work). Therefore the announcement at the end of the first stage shall in no way mean a definite selection and the participant are required to submit their actual works according to the notified schedule. Failure to do so shall lead to elimination from the Festival.otherwise they will be eliminated from the competition.
  • Participants are requested to refer to for registration, completion of the application form, submission of photos and collection of labels. (The information provided on the form and the relevant labels will be used in the publications and the exhibition. Participants must therefore ensure the accuracy of information provided)
  • Participants who are unable to use computers for registration may either refer in person to the Secretariat to complete the forms and submit their works, or after completion of the forms send the images (photo, color print) of their works to the Secretariat.
  • The registration code provided by the Festival’s website will be used for communications between the Secretariat and the participants.
  • The completion of the form and the submission of works shall be construed as the acceptance of the Festival’s rules and regulations.
  • All participants, whose works have been selected for the Festival, shall receive a certificate of participation and a book of the Festival.
  • The organizers shall have the right to use the works for publication of the book, data bank and display in the exhibition by mentioning the name of the artist.
  • Decisions on unforeseen and unannounced circumstances will be made by the art and executive secretaries of the Festival. 
  • All damages arising from posting or transportation of the works shall remain within the liabilities of the sender, and the Secretariat shall not accept any claim related to the transportation of the works.
  • Participants in the painting, miniature, sculpture, ceramic and calligraphy sections must collect their works maximum two weeks after the end of the exhibition, otherwise, the Secretariat shall accept no liability for damages ensued.