Thursday, 6 August 2020
Conference and Scientific Articles

Secretary Scientific Conference:
Dr. Abdolmajid Hosseinirad

The organizers at this festival, focusing on creativity and innovation in the contemporary visual arts of Iran (post – revolution) will host and publish the results of expert studies on the relevant subjects through interaction in the frame of speeches and discussions

Subjects and themes:
1. Review of changes and challenges faces by the contemporary art in Iran
2. Analysis and study of outstanding and valuable contemporary artworks and artists
3. The method for developing and promoting creativity and innovation in art
4. Study of the means for reviving the great of Iranian and Islamic values in the contemporary arts of Iran
5. Identifying the weaknesses of the contemporary Iranian arts on the basis of analysis and focus the processes of planning and policy making for arts in Iran

  • The articles must be written for the purpose of this conference and must not have been presented or published before.
  • All texts must be organized and submitted in the frame of a scientific – research article.
  • Articles presented in the 3rd Fadjr International Visual Arts Festival must be in Persian and English; and written according to the principles and grammar of the relevant Language.
  • The articles must contain an abstract, keywords, an introduction, main discussion, and a conclusion, and be related to a theme of the conference. (in addition to a Persian abstract, articles written in Persian must also have an English abstract).
  • The article must be typed in Microsoft Word and the relevant photos must have a resolution of 300 DPI and be presented on A4 sized paper and related to the subject of the article.
  • Each participant is allowed to present one article related to any of the five subjects of the conference.
  • For articles composed by more than one person, the name of the main author must appear first, followed by others in order of priority.
  • The author’s name, phone number, email address, postal address, and for the members of scientific boards a mention of their scientific position and name of the university is mandatory.
  • Submission of the abstract, which clearly explains the subject and theme and the author’s objectives and assumptions, before the submission of the main article is mandatory.
  • The results of evaluation of the abstracts will be published on the conference’s website and the author’s emails. 
  • In addition of the book of abstracts, all the admitted articles will be published in the book of the conference proceedings. All successful authors will receive a copy of the book.

 List of articles admitted on the first stage. The main articles and the relevant CDs must be submitted maximum by 05/01/2011 

- Study of the changes and challenges of the contemporary Iranian Graphic / Kamran Afshar Mohajer
- An essay on divergence and concurrences between the contemporary Iranian illustration and the visual
  Iranian and Islamic values / Mansoureh Kollahkaj and Mehrnoosh Kianpour
- Contemporary Iranian Graphic and forthcoming damages / Mahan Naji
- The vulnerability of visual arts / Hamid Reza Rohani
- Creative concepts and innovative theories in the educational system of art faculties / Seyed Ali Reza Masboogh
- A research on the images of angels in the works of post revolutionary artists (10 years)
  / Asghar Kafshchian Moghadam and Somayeh Alipour
- Persian literature at modern times – the impacts of Persian literature on modern artists / Hadi Babaee Fallah Saravani
- The vulnerability of calligraphy (focus on Nasta’liq Script) / Hossein Razavi Fard
- Creativity and innovation in art / Mohammad Mehdi Fakhimi
- The role of photos on post revolutionary cultural posters / Mahshid Asoudehkhah
- Analysis and review of the contemporary Iranian masterpieces and artists / Mojgan Nikbakht

  • Deadline for submission of main paper: 05 Jan. 2011