Saturday, 19 September 2020
Ali Vazirian
Born 1960, Tehran
Graduate in Painting- Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University
- Holder of the Fadjr Visual Arts Medal of Excellence /2009
- Three decades of activities in the field of graphic design
- Participation in numerous domestic and foreign exhibitions
- Lectures at a number of art faculties, including the universities of Tehran, Al Zahra and Shahed
- Art Director of publications, festivals and visual arts events
- Publication of the first specialized magazine in the field of visual arts in Iran titled “Contemporary arts” in the year 1993
- Chief Editor and Publication Director of the book on visual arts titled “Negareh (Design)” in the year 1991
- Founder of the first international annual exhibition of typography poster in the world titled “Asma ol Hosna”
- Publication of 5 volumes of works in the field of graphics and particularly related to poster design in the years 1985 to 2008
- Venture in film making in recent years
- Presence as an international member of jury at various festivals and exhibitions
- Winner of accredited world awards in film making including the Jury’s special prize, Houston Festival, USA; special prize of the
  Global Zoom Festival, Seattle, USA; the silver elephant award; the grand prize of Italy’s “Spirit of Faith” Religious Film Festival;
  the Toronto’s “Don Tony Noblo” Jury’s award; the prize of Moscow’s “Meeting” Orthodox Film Festival and two golden butterflies
  from the Children and Youth Film Festival