Saturday, 19 September 2020
Yadollah Kaboli Khansari
Born 1949, Khansar
Holder of Artistic Grade 1
Selected as Prominent Figure in the year 2006
Certified Master of Calligraphy in Broken Nasta’liq style from the Iranian Association of Calligraphers
- Member of the Supreme Council for Identification and Artistic Evaluation of the Master Grade in the Iranian Association of Calligraphers
- 20 years of membership and training, art and cultural activities in the Supreme Council and the organizational structure of the Iranian
  Association of Calligraphers
- Member of the Executive Committee for the Tribute to Dervish Abdol Majid held in Mehran (Taleghan), 1996 and Tribute to Seyed Ali
  Akbar Golestaneh (Cultural Heritage), 1998 and a number of other cultural and artistic events
- Calligraphy Expert of the National Heritage Organization and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
- Member of Jury at domestic and international events
- Publication of a number of training and art books
- Organization of over 14 solo exhibitions at famous Tehran museums and galleries and participation in every national calligraphic event
- Organization of solo exhibition throughout the country and at famous museums, universities and galleries abroad
- Organization of exhibitions and lectures on the evolution of the art of calligraphy in Iran at various universities, including George
  Washington, Harvard, Boston, Maryland, Virginia, Los Angeles, Barkly, Ottawa, Toronto, etc