Saturday, 19 September 2020
Dr. Mohammad Ali Rajabi
Born 1951, Qom
Fine Arts College Diploma, 1972
BA Painting, Tehran University, 1988
MA, Art Studies, faculty of Art, 1993
Artistic Grade Assistant Professor Grade (1), 2001
- Founder of the Islamic Thought and Art Department (Art Department of the Islamic Development Organization)
- Supervisor of the Directorate General of the Art Affairs and Modeling Research – Ministry of Education, 1980 – 1983
- Member of the Founding Committee and Board of Trustees of the National Visual Arts Association
- Supervisor of the Directorate General of Cinematographic Research, Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
- Researcher in the fields of wisdom of art, the history of arts in Iran and the world, spiritual norms in the traditional arts, analysis of visual
  arts, language and expression in the Islamic Iranian paintings and children’s painting
- Member of the Jury of the Iranian Painting Biennial
- Founder of the Kamaloddin Behzad School of Miniature
- President of the Visual Arts Association
- Permanent Member of Academy of Arts
- Member of the Supreme Council of Traditional Arts, Cultural Heritage Organization, 2006
- Member of the Scientific Board of the Shahed University
- Secretary of the Exhibition of the Iranian Miniature Masterpieces
- Supervisor of the Islamic Arts Research Center, Shahed University, 2005
- Member of Jury, the Safe Shrine International Competition
- Member of the National Artists, Authors and Poets’ Evaluation Council, Ministry of Culture and Islamic guidance, 2006
- Author of 9 volumes on training in miniature
- Deputy for Training Arts Department of the Islamic Development Organization and the Deputy for Training, Islamic Culture and Art
  Research Center
- Publication of 8 books on training Iranian painting
- Author and publication of numerous articles on wisdom and aesthetics of the Iranian Islamic Arts