Saturday, 19 September 2020
Dr. Mohammad Khazaee
Born 1961, Nahavand
PHD Graphics (Islamic Arts), Birmingham University, UK, 1997
MA Graphics, Tarbiat Modaress University, Iran 1991
BA Graphics, Tehran University, 1988
- Assistant Professor, Tarbiat Modaress University and the Faculty of Arts
- Member, Scientific Board, Faculty of Arts and Tarbiat Modaress University since 1998
- Guest Professor at the universities of Tehran, Art and Al Zahra
- Top Professor, Tarbiat Modaress University, 2001
- Member of the Council for Evaluation and Approval of Medal Award to National Universities and Higher Education Institutes
- Director of Graphics Group, Faculty of Arts, Tarbiat Modaress University
- Member of the Visual Arts Center, Department of Arts since 1983
- Secretary, Scientific Committee of the 1st Conference on Islamic Arts, 2001
- Secretary, Scientific Committee, 2nd Islamic World Painting Biennial, 2002
- Member of Jury at numerous festivals and exhibitions including the 2nd Islamic World Painting Biennial, The International
  Conference on Islamic Calligraphy, the Asma ol Hosna Poster Exhibition, the Ashoora Poster Exhibition, etc.
- Secretary of the 3rd Ashoora Poster Exhibition, 2008
- Editor in Chief of Art Monthly since 2005
- Author of the Alchemy of Design/ collection of Iranian designs from the Mogul era to the Safavid period, 1988
- Author of the Islamic Art (English) compilation of articles presented in the 1st Conference on Islamic Art, Institute for
  Islamic Art Studies, 1999 London
- Participation and presentation of 25 articles at domestic and international conferences on art and culture
- Participation and presentation of article at the Hofstra International Conference on Islamic Art, New York 1996 and two
  articles on arts at UK universities, 1996 – 7
- Publication of 32 articles in the artistic – scientific and research magazines and international journals (ISI)
- Designer of numerous logos including the Sanjesh Organization, the universities of Shiraz, Shahrekord, Zabol, Qom, etc
- Recipient of the Golden Letter with Imam's handwriting/ Diploma of Honors and Commemoration medal of the Sacred
  Defense Art and Literature Complex, 1988
- Recipient of 3 months research scholarship offered by the 3rd Graphic Biennial, 1991