Saturday, 19 September 2020
Javad Bakhtiari
Born 1956, Borojerd
PHD, History of Art, UCLV University, California
Graduate of Shiraz University in the field of electronics and Tehran University in the field of painting
Holder of Master Grade in the Iranian Calligraphy (Nasta’liq)
Holder of Artistic Grade 1 (Calligraphy Painting)
- Discoverer of the golden relations in the Iranian calligraphy (Nasta’liq)
- Selected artist, the World Festival of Calligraphy, Tehran 1997
- Winner, Grand Prize, the Global Festival of Calligraphy, UAE, 2004
- Author of numerous books on calligraphy, including the “words of love”, “the joy of love”, “I long for the garden”, “the dawn
  of night”, “the scroll”, “thrill of intoxication”, “the secret of glance”, “Khayyam’s quatrains”, “thus flows moonlight”,
  “bird of blessing”, “O Iran”, “life is beautiful”, “the art of Iran”, “Reveal thy face”, etc.
- Organization of solo exhibitions in the country and participation in international events including, USA, Germany, France, UK,
  Pakistan, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Syria, Wales, India, China, Japan, Italy, Morocco, UAE, Greece, Tajikistan, etc.