Saturday, 19 September 2020
Dr. Mahmoud Asaadi
Born 1964, Neishabour
PHD, Media Management, Tehran University
MA, Public Administration, Tarbiat Modaress University
BA, Business Administration, Tehran University
- Secretary, Prominent Personalities Conference
- Secretary, Tribute to Hakim Elahi Ghomsheie Congress / 2002
- Secretary, Joint Iran – Spain Conference to honor Ebne Arabi / 2002
- Advisor to the Vice President of the Iranian Broadcasting Corporation / 2004 – 2006
- Member of the Council for Planning and Programs of TV Channel 1 / 1986 – 1989
- Member of the Council for Planning and Programs of TV Channel 5 / 2005 – 2007
- Executive Director and Chief Editor of Cultural Keyhan / 1990 – 1996
- Chief Editor of the Prominent Personalities publications
- Secretary, Students’ Cultural Congress / 1987
- Publication of numerous articles for national and international conferences
- Publication of over 20 books and collection of articles, including 8 days of resistance (memories), hallow of the moon (collection of
  stories), west and west studies (collection of articles), creative criticism (collection of criticisms), contemporary figures of Iran, the
  Iranian elite, the prominent personalities, etc
- Publication of special issues on culture, art and literature of revolution, the culture of Egypt, the culture of Tajikistan,
  the culture of India, etc
- Lecturer on human communications (Faculty of Social Sciences, Tehran University); organizational administration (Faculty of
  Management, Tehran university), marketing and business (Science and Research Unit), principles of cultural planning; advanced
  management theory, etc
- Production of video programs and cultural and scientific series including the sweetness of Persian Language, the Seyed Jamaloddin
  Assadabadi series, the west studies series, the prominent personalities, the Tehran figures, horizon, etc