Saturday, 19 September 2020
Amir Abdolhosseini
Born 1974, Tehran
MA, Performance Literature, Tehran University (Faculty of Fine Arts), 2003
BA, Cinematographic Production, IRIB University, 2000
- Art Secretary, the 3rd Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts, 2011
- Secretary, Calligraphy Section, the National Iranian Festival of Youth, 2010
- Member of the Planning Committee of the “Khiali Negaran” Training and Research Institute, 2010
- Secretary of the “Imaginary Painters” Exhibition (a review of the teahouse and glass painting masterpieces),
  Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts
- Secretary of the Tehran Art Expo, 2009 and 2010
- Secretary of the Fourth Ashoora Poster Exhibition, 2009
- Executive Secretary of the 10th Tehran International Poster Exhibition, 2009
- Member of the Organizing Committee of the 9th Tehran Caricature Biennial, 2009
- Member of the Selection Committee and the Jury, Visual Arts Section, the National Cultural – Art Festival “New Birth”, 2008
- Executive Secretary of the Fourth and the Fifth Annual “Asma Al Hosna” Typographic Exhibitions
- Secretary of the “Nasta’liq” Masters Grand Exhibition, 2007-2008
- Executive Secretary of the 8th Tehran Caricature Biennial, 2007
- Secretary of the 3rd Visual Arts Festival for the Young Artists, 2006
- Art Director of the 2nd Visual Arts Festival for the young Artists, the Festival of Experimental Visual Arts, 2003
- Executive Director, Image of the Sky Exhibition, Cotemporary Visual Arts Exhibition on the Occasion of the Imam Ali (AS) Year,
  Tehran Museum of contemporary Arts, 2000 - 2001
- Art Director, Exhibition on 20 Years of Islamic Revolution in the Iranian Contemporary Painting, Tehran Museum of
  Contemporary Arts, 1999
- Editor, Culture and Art Services, Negareh (Design) Weekly, 2006
- Participation in over 15 domestic and foreign group exhibitions
- Diploma of honors and Second Prize, Exhibition of Martyrs’ Mausoleum Design
- Jury Commendation, First International Contemporary Design Biennial, 2008
- Lecturer of Visual Arts and TV Graphics, Young Television Club
- Publication of over 15 specialized magazines related to biennials and festivals
- Deputy Editor of the Visual Arts Periodical, 2007
- Publication of over 20 specialized articles in the field of visual arts