Saturday, 19 September 2020
Mahmoud Javadipour
Born 1920, Tehran
BA Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University, 1957
Graduate in Painting and Graphic, Munich Fine Art Academy, 1960
PHD, Supreme Council of Culture, 1965
Permanent Member of the Academy of Arts
- Holder of the Fadjr Visual Arts Medal of Excellence /2010
- Lecturer in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University, 1953 – 1979, Tehran college of Decorative Arts, 1961 – 1963, Girls Art college 
  and the Kamalol Molk Art School, Tehran, 1958 – 1966
- Representative of the Ministry of Culture and Art in the Stamp Council
- Representative of the Faculty of Fine Arts in the councils of the Institute for Industrial Research and Standards of Iran
- Founding Member of the 1st Visual Arts Center in Iran named “Apadana – the Home of Fine Arts”, in collaboration with two friends
- Organization of numerous solo exhibitions and participation in over 50 domestic and international group exhibitions
- Winner of awards from numerous festivals and exhibitions including the best design for 5 stamps on the local Iranian dresses, Best
  design for the National Iranian Petroleum Company, the logo for the Tehran Pars Development Company, Commendation Letter and
  cash prize from Tehran Municipality, Letter of Appreciation and cash prize from Tehran Municipality, Letter of Appreciation and cash
  prize from the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance for participation in the 4th Painting Biennial, Letter of Appreciation from the
  Academy of Arts for the 2nd Painting Biennial, etc
- Has a number of works on permanent display in the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, the Islamic Consultative Council, the
  Saadabad Palace Museum, the Benn and Abby Grey Foundation, the Organization for the Renovation of Tehran, etc
- Compilation of 5 volumes on art instruction and teaching guides for elementary and middle schools, compilation of book on study of felt
  making in Gorgan and Dasht, illustration of over ten books including the Deireh Children Alphabet Book by Master Behrooz, the
  preference of Hatif clause by the Friends of Books Society, the Book of Cat and Mice by Obeid Zakani, as well as 14 books in the fields
  of science, sanitation, textbooks, criticism and Persian literature and history ordered by the Iran USA Joint Fund (Principle 4), the 
  Ferdowsi Night Book, etc
- The design of over 20 logos, including the Central Bank, the National Iranian Petroleum Company, the Khawrazmi Institute, the
  UNESCO Publications, the Tehran University, etc