Saturday, 19 September 2020
Majid Mehregan 
Born 1945, Rasht
Learned miniature from Master Mahmoud Farshchian
Graduate of Graphic, Faculty of Decorative Arts
Holder of Artistic Grade 1 (PhD equivalent) in miniature from the Ministry of
Culture and Islamic Guidance
- Employee of the Ministry of Culture and Art as Master of Iranian Painting
- Teacher of miniature at boys and girls art schools
- Director of the School of Fine Arts for Boys (1977 – 1979)
- Member of the High council for Art Evaluation
- Member of the Miniature Committee of the Academy of Arts
- Organization of numerous exhibitions inside the country and abroad, including the Museum of Archeology (1969),
  Sullivan Gallery (1973), Mehrshad Gallery (1975), Goethe Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany (1975), Deutsche Bank Gallery,
  Frankfurt, Germany (1975), Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran Classic Gallery (1989), Iranian Art Exhibition,
  Dusseldorf, Germany, etc