Saturday, 19 September 2020
Mohammad Bagher Aghamiri  
Born 1950, Bijar
Learnt miniature from Masters Mohammad Ali Zavieh, Nosratollah Yousefi,
BA painting, Art University, 1983
Graduate of Fine Arts, Southampton Faculty of Arts, UK
MA Graphic, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran 1994
PhD, Iranian and Islamic Paintings, Supreme Council of Culture and Art, 1989
- Employee of the Ministry of Culture and Art, 1976 – 2005
- Secretary of 4th Iranian Painting Biennial
- President of the Iranian Association of Miniaturists
- Designer of the new Imam Ali (AS) Mausoleum
- Member of Jury at a number of specialized miniature exhibitions
- Organization of numerous solo exhibitions abroad, including: Hungary, UK, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Canada, USA, Cyprus,
  South Africa, China, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Switzerland, Japan and India.
- Illustration of the famous Iranian poet’s collection of works
- Lecturer at Faculty of fine Arts of Tehran University, and the universities of Arts, Al Zahra and Azad
- Lecturer at universities of Washington and Edmund Seattle of USA
- Teacher of miniature at boys and girls art schools
- Teacher of carpet and tile design, miniature and painting
- Selected as Koran’s servant – 2001
- Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in culture section – 2004