Saturday, 19 September 2020
Masoud Zendehrooh Kermani
Born 1963, Kerman
Graduate of Photographic Production, Faculty of IRIB
- Lecturer at universities of Art, Azad, Sooreh, News, etc
- Head of the Photo Unit, War Publicity Headquarters (1987 – 1990)
- Head of the IRIB Photo Unit (1993 – 1996), (2001 – 2004), (2007 – 2009)
- Member of Jury at numerous photo competitions, including the 10th Photo biennial, the Photo Documentary
  Festival, the Young Cinema Festival, etc
- Secretary of the Photo Society of the 13th Young Cinema Festival
- Publication of numerous post cards and posters on Iran
- Selected artist at numerous photo festivals and competitions
- Secretary of the Photo Section of the Young Cinema Festival (1988)
- Secretary of the Photo Section Ghods Memorial (2000)
- Secretary of the Photo Section 22nd Bahman Festival (2001)
- Art Director, Creative Photography Quarterly
- Executive Director of the 11th Iranian Photo Biennial 2008
- Art Director of the books titled “Bam the city that was”, “Qeshm, land of dreams”, “City Photo house”
  “Hossein’s Devotees”, Children of our land”, etc
- Executive Director of the 1st and 2nd Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts (2009 – 2010)
- Executive Director of the visual arts festivals and biennials (2008 – 2010)
- Member of the Iranian Association of Photographers
- Publication of various books including the “Passion of love”, “With the weaves of love”, “Kerman at a look”,
  “Kerman tourism features”, “Persepolis”, “Firoozabad Temple of Fire”, “the Necropolis”, “the Fars heritage”,
  “Passargadae”, “the Bam Citadel”, “Niavaran Palace Museum”, “the Imposed War”, “the battle years”, etc